An adventurous ride

Paper Mines is a skill game that puts your reaction time to the test. You steer a mine cart through a beautiful paper diorama made of more than 400 handmade parts. All ambient sounds were recorded in nature and the movements are based on a realistic physical simulation.

Paper Mines is a premium game and uses its own exclusive game engine. The game has an exceptionally small file size so that you can always keep it on your device. Paper Mines doesn’t collect any personal data and the game is without ads or in-app purchases. You just pay once and you can play as often, as long and anywhere you want.

Each round a random generator creates a new landscape and every time you play, the world is a bit different. Initially, the landscape consists of small hills and valleys, but with each level the world becomes more complex and challenging. Steering the mine cart is simple, but you have to be fast. You can brake, duck your head and hang on to ropes. 

The acoustics are as minimalistic as the landscape. No music, just the rattling of the wheels, the tweeting of the birds and the chirping of the crickets. As you drive through the landscape, you experience the constant alternation between challenging obstacles and moments of short relaxation.

You can switch between four different landscape styles. The standard world is made of painted paper. The second one is made of wood. The third one is made of white and grey paper. The fourth style is for gamers who find it hard to see details. This landscape is monochrome and with additional contrast.


  • 20 levels
  • Landscape made of more than 400 handmade parts
  • Randomly generated alpine landscapes
  • Real physical movement
  • Minimalistic sound
  • Day and night cycle
  • Four landscape styles (Paper, Wood, Monochrome, Contrast)
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Paper Mines is a premium game without ads or in-app purchases

The Press Kit contains the images in high resolution.